The Best 3 YouTube Videos about Oven Roasted Coffee Beans

We recently wrote a post about how to roast coffee beans at home.

One of the methods of roasting coffee at home that is super easy and requires only things that you already have is oven roasting coffee.

You basically put your green coffee beans on a baking sheet and roast the beans for 15-30 minutes. You do need to stir them to roast evenly, but that is about it.

In this post I wanted to compile some of the best YouTube videos about oven roasting coffee.

From an actual coffee blogger:

This one is only five minutes (I mean who wants to listen to someone drag on an on about stuff; hopefully I’m not doing that in this post).

Here’s another guy that has made a video about oven roasting coffee. This video is even shorter for impatient types like me.

We hope you enjoy these videos!