Reviewing the Jura E8 Coffee Machine

Ok, so roughly six months ago I purchased the Jura E8 coffee machine. Ours is chrome colored. It set me back about 1,250CHF (which is ~$1,400).

Overall I am pretty pleased with it. It’s been reliable, makes a good tall espresso which I drink every morning. It has been low maintenance: We have changed the water filter for it yet. Although it does complain about that sometimes.

Buying an espresso/coffee machine that costs more than $1000 is a huge purchase. This needs to work for you. I’m going to do my best in this guide to help you make the purchase. Or not. Best of luck and do get in touch if you have any questions or comments about this product.

Why Did I Buy This?

I originally bought this machine to save money and time.

We were using a Nespresso capsule machine. I realized that the cost of the capsules really adds up over time (when you have 3-4 per day). I did some quick mental math and realized that we could actually pay for the cost of this nice Jura E8 machine over 1-2 years if we switched. This is because coffee beans cost much less than Nespresso capsules.

This excluded the fact that we would also save time. The Nespresso machine we were using needed to me emptied twice a morning and would often drip onto our counter. So I would spend minutes a day dealing with this thing. If you value your time much at all it was also an added benefit to save the time by buying a larger coffee machine that needs to be emptied much less often.

Is the Coffee Bean Capacity Really 350 Grams?

How Good is the Drink Selection?

The drink selection has been pretty good.

After a couple of days I got my ideal coffee set. Basically I hit one button in the morning and that’s it. It makes me a coffee that looks like this:

My perfect coffee

By the way, in the image above is my favorite Bodum double-walled coffee cup. I reviewed three of these.

What I would Change About the Jura E8

Here are some things I would change:

  1. Make it less loud
    This coffee machine makes quite a bit of noise. I checked the decibels for it and they range between 60-70 (averaging in the low part of this range)
  2. Make startup and shutdown faster (and quieter)
    The Jura E8 takes about 45 seconds to startup and shutdown. Sometimes when I am watching TV in the afternoon, this thing starts the shutdown process, and because it is noisy and lengthy, it can be annoying
  3. Make the startup process a one step process.
    When you turn on the E8 in the morning, first you have to wait to put your coffee cup under the spout for about 45 seconds. This is because the machine rinses itself (at both startup and shutdown). This makes the startup process a minimum of two steps. Turn it on, wait 45 seconds, come back and put your cup there, and then press your drink selection.
  4. The coffee grounds container needs to be emptied quite often; the machine does not work until you empty it. The container could be more full before emptying. It is only about half full when the machine stops working and says that the container needs to be emptied. This results in extra trips to the trash can.
  5. The extra rinsing makes the tray underneath the cups also have to be emptied more often. If they could make the machine not need rinsing at all it would be a huge improvement to this coffee experience.

Where is the Manual?

You can find the manual for the Jura E8 here.

Where Can You Buy It Refurbished?

Yes, sometimes Amazon sells refurbished Jura models. I advise you to check there or possibly ask Jura themselves.


Overall this thing has been awesome.