How To Program Cuisinart Coffee Maker

The coffee maker is the heart and soul of many kitchens and office break room.

Sometimes we all need that little boost in the morning, and for many the best way to get it is with a nice steaming hot cup of Joe.

There are many different brands of coffee machine, each of which have their different advantages and disadvantages.

Cuisinart are a very popular brand that make a lot of high quality coffee makers for use both in the home and in more commercial environments. 

Their coffee machines are popular because they are incredible simply to use and come packed with a range of great features.

In this article, we will show you how to use your Cuisinart coffee maker as well as how to program it, so you can access the various functions it has to offer. 

To program your Cuisinart coffee maker, make sure to first set the time correctly. Then set the Auto-ON function for the machine to automatically brew a cup of coffee, and program the variable Auto-OFF too. Don’t forget too fill the reservoir with enough water, and add a coffee filter in the basket.

How To Use Your Cuisinart Coffee Maker?

To make your first cup of coffee with a Cuisinart machine, the first thing you will need to do is fill the reservoir with enough water for your desired number of cups.

Many devices will have lines on the reservoir to let you know how full it is.

After you have filled the reservoir, you need to add a paper filter to the coffee filter basket located at the top of the machine.

Alternatively, you can use a gold-tone reusable filter instead if you own one.

Next, choose which size of brew you want from the available options and place your ground coffee in the paper filter you set up earlier. 

If your machine has a function knob, then you may be able to use this to select the brew size for your coffee.

Once you have done all of the above, press the start button and wait for the machine to beep to indicate that your coffee is ready. 

Programming Your Coffee Machine

How To Program Cuisinart Coffee Maker?

One of the great things about Cuisinart machines is that they are fully programmable.

These machines have features that allow them to automatically turn on in the morning, so you can wake to find your cup of coffee ready and waiting for you.

In this section, we will explain how to program your machine to help you realize its full potential. 

Turning Your Machine On And Off

Most Cuisinart coffee makers will have a basic on and off buttons.

However, for some models you will need to turn the knob on the front of the machine to the brew setting and then lift up the flip switch and release to turn the machine on.

These machines can be turned off against by simple pushing the flip switch down instead of up. 

Setting The Time

There is a small LCD screen on the front of most Cuisinart machines that allows you to cycle through the various settings.

This screen also displays the current time, but in order for it to be accurate, you need to know how to set it correctly. 

To do this, turn the function knob to the clock setting and press the hour or minute buttons to set the time of day.

You can hold the buttons down to scroll through the numbers faster, although when you are getting close to your target time, we recommend letting go of the buttons and pressing them to move up by one digit at a time. 

Once you have set the time, you can turn the function knob to any setting to start the clock, or wait for the numbers to stop blinking. 

Setting The Auto-ON Function

This is a function we mentioned earlier that allows you to set a time when your coffee machine will automatically turn itself on and start brewing a cup of coffee.

This feature means that you can make sure you get your morning coffee even if you are pushed for time. 

For it to work, though, you need to have the filter basket filled with grounds and the reservoir topped up with enough water. 

On machines that have a function knob, you will need to turn it to the program setting to start programming your machine.

Use the hour and minute buttons to set the time that you want your machine to automatically start brewing. 

After this, turn the function knob to auto on, then lift and release the flip switch, and you should see a green light flashing to indicate that the machine is in auto-on mode.

Turn this mode off by depressing and releasing the flip switch. 

On machines that don’t have a function knob, you simply need to hold down the auto-on button until the LED around it turns on.

Then set the time when you want your machine to turn on using the hour and minute buttons.

Once you are done setting the time, the light around the button will flash and then stay lit up to indicate the machine is in Auto-ON mode. 

You can deactivate this by pressing the button again until it is no longer lit up. 

Programming The Variable Auto-Off

Just as you can program your machine to automatically turn on, you can set it to automatically turn itself off again to avoid wasting power.

To do this, turn the function knob to the Auto-Off position and then press and hold the hour button until the display starts blinking.

Then you can use the hour and minute buttons to set how long your machine should stay dormant before automatically turning itself off.

You can choose a time frame anywhere between zero (meaning it will never turn off by itself) or up to 4 hours. 


Cuisinart make a lot of very good coffee machines that come at a surprisingly affordable price.

Installing one in your home is a great way to get a delicious cup of coffee every morning without having to go through the hassle of making it yourself.

Hopefully after reading this guide, you now know about a few of the awesome features these machines have to offer and how you can access them.