3 Tricks to Keep Coffee Cup Hot

The best cup of coffee is a hot cup one.  

It is impossible to have a good experience from a cold one (although some people do like cold brew coffee).

In this post we give you some tips on how to keep your coffee cup hot longer.

kettle pouring boiling water into a cup with steam
  1. Best, easiest tip: Put very hot water in your mug before you add your coffee (pour it out before adding your coffee, of course)
  2. Use a thicker coffee mug
  3. Buy an electric or self-heating mug
  4. Use an insulated coffee thermos
  5. If using a French Press or Chemex, set them in a pot of very warm water after you have brewed the coffee.

Self Heating Coffee Mugs

If you want to buy a self-heating mug this is the best one on Amazon. In full disclosure, we have not tried this one ourselves (though we plan to soon). This heated coffee mug does have 2,861 4.5 star reviews at the time of this writing. So that’s pretty awesome.

How to Keep Chemex Coffee Warm?

If you are trying to keep coffee from a Chemex warm, well that is another challenge altogether.

We have also faced the challenge of having cold coffee from a Chemex.

What happens to coffee from Chemexes is that, first, the hot water sits in the coffee grounds which are exposed to the air. I think this is the key part that cools the water/coffee.

Chemexes are not insulated and the glass is thin, so coffee gets colder than French Presses with Chemexes. This is one of the reasons I do not like to use them.

But if you really want to still use a Chemex, I recommend that you put the actual chemex in hot water after you make your coffee.