Best Coffee for Moka Pot: 8 Great Choices

Love them or hate them, Moka pots deserve a place in the coffee lover’s kitchen. Their reputation for brewing bitter coffee is undeserved if you know what you’re doing. To offset some of the bad press, I compiled this list of the best coffee for your Moka pot. I looked at various factors to narrow … Read more

Is this the Cheapest Way to Make Coffee?

Recently, after using Nespresso capsules for a year and realizing just how much making coffee with this method was costing my wife and I, I started to calculate how much these capsules cost versus other coffee making methods. And doing this calculation caused me to purchase a Jura E8. Basically I learned that we could … Read more

Grind Your Own Coffee (easy)

Grinding your own coffee beans is a lot simpler than roasting your own coffee beans. It only costs $27.50 to get your own high-quality blade grinder. It’s easy to grind your own beans — just don’t go too fine for French Press. If you’re using a paper filter, then the grind size doesn’t matter a … Read more

Reviewing the Jura E8 Coffee Machine

Ok, so roughly six months ago I purchased the Jura E8 coffee machine. Ours is chrome colored. It set me back about 1,250CHF (which is ~$1,400). Overall I am pretty pleased with it. It’s been reliable, makes a good tall espresso which I drink every morning. It has been low maintenance: We have changed the … Read more

Everything about Delgada Coffee?

Delgada Coffee bag and individual packet

What is Delgada Coffee? Delgada coffee is an instant coffee that also contains the extract of: Ganoderma Lucidum (Red Reishi) mushroom Green Coffee Bean Extract AdvantraZ® Garcinia Cambogia Where Can I Buy Delgada Coffee? Amazon Wal-mart (though at the time of this writing Wal-mart is out of stock) Another website if Amazon and Wal-mart are … Read more

Our Favorite Bodum Double Wall Coffee Glass

Warning: I may make a tiny bit of money from you reading this because of affiliate links. Yes ,there are people on the Internet trying to make money 😮 . No there are no links here to anything I haven’t tried. Everything in here is true; I did not receive the products for free so … Read more

How Much Caffeine in Coffee?

How much caffeine is in coffee? About 95 mg of caffeine is in the average cup of coffee. Different coffee drinks have different amounts of caffeine. They can range from almost zero to over 500 milligrams. Most people consider it safe for most adults to consume up to 400 milligrams of caffeine per day. This … Read more

3 Tricks to Keep Coffee Cup Hot

The best cup of coffee is a hot cup one.   It is impossible to have a good experience from a cold one (although some people do like cold brew coffee). In this post we give you some tips on how to keep your coffee cup hot longer. Best, easiest tip: Put very hot water … Read more