Best Coffee for Moka Pot: 8 Great Choices

Love them or hate them, Moka pots deserve a place in the coffee lover’s kitchen.

Their reputation for brewing bitter coffee is undeserved if you know what you’re doing.

To offset some of the bad press, I compiled this list of the best coffee for your Moka pot.

I looked at various factors to narrow down the perfect ground beans and rich flavors for your enjoyment. I have everything from light roasts to rich, velvety flavors, all at the ideal grind size.

Best Overall: Sulawesi Kalossi

Straight from Indonesia, these deeply roasted beans have sweet and spicy undertones. The 100% Arabica beans are low in acid and produce a smooth brew with a rich, velvety texture.

One pot is enough to convert anyone who believes that Moka pot coffee seems watered-down and weak. Test it for yourself and see if you can pick up the spicy cinnamon and black pepper notes rounded off with the taste of berry.

If you love rich, dark chocolate, these are the beans for you. Since the beans are sold whole, you can grind them yourself to get the perfect-sized coffee grounds for the Moka pot or any other coffee maker.

Best Organic: Lifeboost Espresso

USDA Organic certified Lifeboost contains nothing but a pure, rich roast flavor, making it one of the best coffees for the Moka pot. Also made from 100% Arabica beans, careful picking and processing protocols bring out the full taste.

Local farmers grow the plants in the best possible conditions and patiently wait until they mature. They then hand-pick each bean and let them ferment for just over a day. This makes it possible to remove the skin without bruising the seed inside.

Each small batch produces a well-rounded cup of coffee with a sweet aroma and low-to-medium acidity levels. Try it and see if you can discern the hints of caramel, chocolate, and fruit.

Best Combination of Flavors: Sparrows High Five

Sparrows High Five leverages the classic combination of dark chocolate and orange undertones. A fantastic way to start the morning, the sweet, rich flavor is bound to put you in a good mood.

See if you can discern the hints of toasted nuts and the distinctive flavor of high-quality chocolate mingling with the citrus. It also works well as a way to round off an evening meal.

Best Small-Batch Brand: Cuvee Karmadillo

This handcrafted roast packs a punch because of the high-quality sourced beans. This blend combines the best beans from Ethiopia, Sumatra, and Central and South America. 

It’s perfect for giving you a jolt of energy in the morning but, unlike some espresso, sweet undertones offset the intense flavor.

Best for Beginners: Nicoletti Coffee Espresso Roast

For those just making the transition to a Moka pot, this 75% Arabica blend offers a lighter flavor with all the caffeine you need to stay awake.

This small-batch Brooklyn roast sells out quickly, so be sure to snap it up when you see it. The cosmopolitan blend of Indian, Guatemalan, Brazilian, and Costa Rican beans is fast becoming a cult classic.

Best Traditional Flavor: Equator Dark Roast Jaguar Espresso

If you’re a purist, you’ll love the deep blend of dark roasted beans from Ethiopia, Sumatra, and Latin America. The flavor is complex, with rich undertones of hazelnut, apricot, spices, and chocolate.

Best of all, the company is careful to choose organic beans from Fair Trade certified farmers only. If you’re concerned about the social and environmental impact of your coffee habit, these beans will keep you on the straight and narrow.

The high caffeine content will also help you stay alert all day long.

Best Middle Ground Blend: Armistice Medium-Dark Roma Selection

If you prefer a mellow flavor, you’ll enjoy this selection of coffee. With nutty undertones and a silky-smooth texture, this blend of arabica and robusta hits the spot.

Don’t let the more subdued taste fool you – these beans will meet all your caffeine needs. These Guatemalan and El Salvadorian beans are masterly roasted by Italian artisans in the Lake Garda district.

Perfect for any occasion, this blend shines in gourmet dessert coffees that bring out the sweet, berry undertones.

Special Mention: Koa Coffee Kona Estate Dark Roast

Although it’s not as well-known as some of the other blends, Koa Coffee is making waves. This Hawaiian blend of Kona coffee beans epitomizes the island’s wonderful character. It has a unique sweet, light chocolate undertone offset by a nutty flavor and tropical fruit notes.

Kona coffee beans are amongst the best globally and stand head-to-head with even the best African and Latin American brands.

Do you want to make up a unique coffee basket for someone? Browse my selection of recommended coffees and accessories to find the best picks at the best prices. Why not also pick up one of the best coffees for Moka pot for yourself while you’re at it?