Best Coffee for French Press

Using the French Press technique for brewing your coffee can result in a very delicious cup of coffee.

What is the French Press coffee method? If you’re not familiar with the French Press method, check out our complete guide to French Press.

What kind of coffee is best for use with a French Press coffee maker? What else do you need to get started? This article will cover the different sizes of coffee grinds for French Press coffee, the different types of grinders you can use, and most importantly the best coffee for French Press brewing.

Which Coffee Is Best?

Of course, your French Press is only as good as the quality of coffee you choose to put into it.

Using a French Press really brings out the flavors of the coffee you use and makes your coffee drinking experience more enjoyable, so choose your coffee beans wisely.

All coffee tastes best when it is ground directly from the bean and used immediately or as soon as possible after grinding. Many people prefer a darker roast for use in a French Press coffee technique. You will even find some medium and darker roasts marketed as being a “French Press roast” coffee.

While you can certainly make a lighter or fruitier roast with a French Press, darker roasts taste better because their flavor is extracted more easily. In addition, dark roast coffee is actually better for you, and provides more antioxidants and other health benefits. So when in doubt, go for a dark or medium roast.

Generally, you can adjust your extraction methods when making French Press coffee to accommodate either light roast or dark roast beans. With a dark roast, you will want to use a slightly lower temperature and steep for a slightly less time than with a lighter roast. This is to help avoid your coffee from turning too bitter with a flavorful and rich dark roast. With a lighter roast, you can use a slightly higher temperature and a slightly longer steeping time in order to fully extract the most flavor possible your coffee grounds.

When you are using a French Press for your coffee brewing, you will want to use coffee grounds that are more of a coarse size than a finely-ground size. This is because of the type of filter used in a French Press, and because finer coffee grounds require more force to press and are more likely to seep through the filter and into your drink. However, even with a coarser size some coffee grounds may still slip through into your coffee.

If you don’t want to grind your own coffee, we recommend this highly rated coarse ground coffee for your brewing pleasure. Of course, if you prefer to grind your beans yourself with a coffee grinder like the ones discussed above, you can often save some money by purchasing coffee beans like these in bulk.

What Is The French Press Method?

Using a French Press is a manual way of making coffee without the use of an electronic drip machine (though an electric grinder may be necessary). French press coffee is not normally found at your local coffee shop and results in a robust cup of coffee.

Although it can be slightly more time-consuming, it gives you more control over the process and the outcome. People who prefer to use the French Press method enjoy coffee that is fresh and boldly flavorful.

You may also see a French Press called a “press pot” or coffee plunger, and it consists of a basic (usually glass) coffee pot with a plunger and a metal filter. French presses have the advantage of being portable and self-contained, and there are even some travel mug versions that exist which allow the user to drink their coffee directly from the mug once it is brewed.

When brewing French Press coffee, you will

  1. Measure out your ingredients
  2. Grind the coffee beans (preferably with a burr grinder)
  3. Add boiling water to the French Press
  4. Set a timer for 4 minutes
  5. Finally, depress your French Press plunger
  6. Serve the coffee immediately

The coffee is brewed by adding coarsely ground coffee into the French Press container and adding very hot water. After letting it sit for a few minutes, you will slowly press the coffee grounds down with the plunger, allowing all of the coffee grounds to be pushed to the bottom of the carafe and separated from your brewed coffee.

Be sure to pour and serve immediately, or your coffee could get too cool, as French Presses do not have an electric heat source like drip coffee makers do.

You can also use a French Press to make cold brew coffee or even loose leaf tea similar to a tea infuser.

What You Need To Buy

In order to make French Press coffee, the first thing you will need is obviously a French Press device. If you are in the market for a new French Press, this top rated French Press on Amazon has more than 21,000 5-star reviews.

In addition to buying a French Press device, you will need to look for a coffee grinder to aid in the first step of the French Press brewing process. There are 2 basic types of grinders available on Amazon – blade and burr.

Burr grinders crush coffee beans into small and uniform grounds.

However, blade grinders slice grounds into uneven pieces as burr grinders and can be more difficult to use, maintain, and clean.

For these reasons, burr grinders and good, freshly roasted beans are recommended for use with a French Press coffee technique. In a pinch, you can also use a good old-fashioned mortar and pestle for grinding up your delicious coffee beans.

However, it is recommended that real coffee snobs invest in a burr grinder.

In addition, there are some accessories that can make the French Press brewing process easier and more enjoyable.

What’s the most annoying thing about French Press? Everyone knows that the hardest thing about French Press coffee is the cleanup. These bags offer a much faster way to clean up your French Press coffee after brewing. These disposable filters trap bitter grounds during the brewing process, helping keep your French Press clean and ready to use.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the French Press brewing method of making coffee at home can result in a very delicious and rich cup of coffee. With the right brewing equipment bought from Amazon and a high-quality bag of coffee beans or pre-ground coffee, you will be well on your way to becoming a coffee snob in no time.