Does L-Carnitine Coffee Cause Weight Loss?

According to a 2017-2018 Center for Disease Control data, 42.7% of Americans are clinically obese. The high obesity prevalence translates to billions of dollars of healthcare costs to individuals. As the sensitization to this problem gathers momentum, people embrace L-carnitine coffee. It offers weight loss solutions that are clinically proven to be risk-free and effective. … Read more

Do Coffee Stains Come Out?

Did you not get enough sleep and drop your coffee this morning? Perhaps your child or dog knocked your coffee over. I know this has happened to me before. If you’ve spilled some coffee and are worrying about a stain this post will guide you on how to minimize and remove the stain. The good … Read more

What is the Best Coffee for Tiramisu?

The best coffee for Italian tiramisu is instant espresso. Used by the most popular tiramisu recipes on the Internet and recommended by professional chefs, instant espresso has the strongest aromas and is the fastest, cheapest and freshest type of coffee for tiramisu. The second most popular method is a freshly brewed Italian espresso, due to … Read more

The Most Popular at Starbucks Drinks (long list)

The most popular drinks at Starbucks include Maybe you are just curious about what the other Starbucks goers choose to drink these days, or perhaps you want to add a little adventure to your coffee routine.  No matter your reasoning, everyone can agree that iconic green straw always delivers. Whether a newbie to the Starbucks … Read more

Coffee Alternatives That Taste Like Coffee (some weird ones)

What Are Coffee Alternatives That Taste Like Coffee? For many, a cup of coffee is their go-to beverage when they need a pick me up.  However, others tend to experience agitation, nervousness, headaches, and digestive distress when drinking coffee. Are you tired of experiencing  this but aren’t ready to give up the distinctive coffee taste?  … Read more

Starbucks Non-Coffee Drinks (never knew this)

Starbucks sells more than just caffeinated drinks. They also sell teas, juices, lemonades and milk steamers, flavored cappucinos, steamed apple juice, and hot chocolate, among other food and drinks. This provides patrons of Starbucks with an impressive selection of non-coffee drink alternatives. If you’re wondering, “what are Starbucks non-coffee drinks?” here is the answer. Starbucks’ … Read more

Coffee vs. Latte (surprising differences)

A cup of coffee or a latte can be the perfect way to start your day.  However, while the world loves them both, there is a distinct difference between coffee and a latte. This post will take a closer look at the two, pitting coffee vs. latte and breaking down their differences. Coffee Though there … Read more

Best Coffee for Moka Pot: 8 Great Choices

Love them or hate them, Moka pots deserve a place in the coffee lover’s kitchen. Their reputation for brewing bitter coffee is undeserved if you know what you’re doing. To offset some of the bad press, I compiled this list of the best coffee for your Moka pot. I looked at various factors to narrow … Read more