7 Ways to Make Coffee (have you tried the last one?)

In this post were going to review some of the more popular methods of making coffee (and some that most Americanos haven’t tried).

Use the table of contents to click to the method you want to learn about or scroll this table below to get more coffee knowledge.

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1. French Press

French Press coffee is probably my favorite way to brew coffee.

While it’s not the simplest and fastest. Nor is it the easiest to clean up, I still love it.

If you have very high quality coffee that you really enjoy the taste of (perhaps Ethiopian coffee) and is freshly roasted (which you can do at home) this is my suggested way of making coffee.

2. AeroPress

AeroPress is a relative newcomer on the block of coffee making.

Aeropress is a sort of manual espresso, although the grounds are not subjected to the same amount of pressure that espresso coffee is.

This is a brief over view of Aeropress:

  1. Insert a paper filter (these)
  2. Then insert your coffee
  3. Pour in very hot water (make sure it’s very hot if you want really hot coffee)
  4. Insert the Aeropress plunger
  5. Press down very hard. Out comes your coffee!

One of the things I don’t love personally about AeroPress is the ever so slight taste of plastic. You have to be a bit of a coffee snob (fine, that’s me) to notice, but it is very faintly there.

3. Espresso

Espresso seems like it’s sort of the OG of coffee.

Espresso means ”pressed coffee” and comes from Italy. You probably knew this but I have to include it for the coffee noobs.

Espresso is literally steam being pressed through finely ground coffee. Espresso often comes with a bit of foam on top which are bubbles from the steam process.

Enjoyed by people in Europe and other Western countries, it is also used in some recipes (tiramisu anyone?)

4. Americano

Want to immediately identify yourself as American? Easy, just go to Europe and order an Americano.

Americano isn’t necessarily a different process of making coffee (I’m cheating yes). It’s basically an espresso with added water for Americans.

5. Handheld Espresso

Recently I bought the Minipresso by Wacaco.

This is a handheld espresso machine. So if you go camping or you just feel like making espresso by hand this is a great way to make coffee on the go.

6. Chemex

Chemex is an old favorite of mine. Made by pouring hot water over grounds in a conical paper filter.

If won’t give you as much flavor as French Press or espresso though. This is because Chemex uses a paper filter.

It also is probably not for you if you like really hot coffee like I do. You can reduce the cooling of your coffee though by setting the Chemex in hot water before or after you brew.

Read more tips on keeping your coffee hot.

7. Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is enjoyed by many people of Turkish origin.

And also countries in which Turks invaded during the Ottoman Empire. Bosnia is a great example of this (where my wife is from).

My wife’s mom will simply not drink western coffee. She makes Turkish (or Bosnian coffee) every morning.

Turkish coffee is made by pouring finely ground coffee in the bottom of a Turkish maker and pouring over very hot water.

Because there is no filter and the grounds are very fine, Turkish coffee has a very strong flavor and experience. Some of the finer parts of the grounds end up in your cup.

Turkish coffee is a bit like French Press on steroids. It’s kind of like French Press without even the metal filter and fine grounds.